Sveltekit is a metaframework for the svelte javascript frontend framework.

It is for svelte, what next.js is to react.

It is a great fit to run in a backend/frontend setup, but it can also serve as a fullstack solution. In the cases where you need to expose an API, you can use api routes.

The question is, how does this API route perform, when compared to a dedicated API framework, like fastify?

This benchmark is just meant to give a rough idea, comparing performance and DX, and is not scientific or trustable in any way.


Fastify has about 3x performance, compared to Sveltekit, but at 2k RPS SvelteKit might be more than performant enough.

Framework RPS
Sveltekit 2000
Fastify 6000


To run this test yourself, you can clone the repo here: