fooocus ollama open-webui docker compose

Components ollama “Get up and running with large language models. Run Llama 2, Code Llama, and other models. Customize and create your own.” open-webui “Open WebUI is an extensible, feature-rich, and user-friendly self-hosted WebUI designed to operate entirely offline. It supports various LLM runners, including Ollama and OpenAI-compatible APIs.” fooocus “Fooocus is an image generating software, similar to stable diffusion with focus on ease of use” labmdalabs “On-demand & reserved cloud NVIDIA GPUs for AI training & inference....

April 2, 2024 · 3 min · Ask Blaker

Self host Kubernetes cluster with Letsencrypt HTTPS, Wireguard, metrics and logging

Redirect Originally, this was written as a horribly long blog post, including all yaml. But I realized the topic was so big that it deserved it own domain

June 9, 2021 · 1 min · Ask Blaker

HTTPS with letsencrypt using traefik and docker

Prerequisites A domain name and dns service A host with docker and docker-compose with a public ip (regular VPS) Some knowledge of docker and docker-compose Setting up DNS propagation might take some time, so set your domain first. In your domain settings, set an | DOMAIN | RECORD TYPE | TARGET | | --------------------------- | ----------- | ----------- | | | A RECORD | <SERVER-IP> | | * | A RECORD | <SERVER-IP> | | nginx....

May 10, 2021 · 5 min · Ask Blaker

Jekyll with Docker, Nginx and Traefik

Prerequisites A hardened VPS A domain with dns service. (Forward to your vps ip) Jekyll > sudo apt-get install ruby-full build-essential zlib1g-dev > echo '# Install Ruby Gems to ~/gems' >> ~/.bashrc > echo 'export GEM_HOME="$HOME/gems"' >> ~/.bashrc > echo 'export PATH="$HOME/gems/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc > source ~/.bashrc > sudo gem install jekyll bundler > cd jekyll-directory > sudo bundle install > jekyll build A nice theme. This is, and I recommend: minimal-mistakes A folder structure like this: ....

November 1, 2020 · 2 min · Ask Blaker